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Sir William Mulock meets famous Dionne quintuplets

The beloved former chief justice of Ontario, Sir William Mulock, again donned a gown yesterday. Not a judicial one, however, for it was a white duck, so he might meet personally the world-famous Dionne quintuplets of Callander, Ontario, whom he termed "remarkable". Presenting a striking contrast of unique age and unique youth, Sir William is seen in the centre behind the famous five with Jugde J.A. Valin on his left and Dr. Dafoe on his right. Far from being perturbed at the sight of such a famous visitor, are, left to right, Yvonne, Annette, Marie and Cecile, who seems particularly interested in the doctor's moustache, while Emilie looks on as if guarding against Cecile taking the moustache off completely. Apparently more interested in her doll than in visitors or moustaches is Yvonne as she clings tightly to her favorite "baby".

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