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This wonderful book about the Dionne quints and their lives is from 1998/1999 and was authored by Ellie Tesher. It is a very reliable book, since she was provided info from Bertrand Dionne (Cecile's son), the quints themselves as well as others close to them. The book is among my top favorites about the Dionnes and their lives! I really enjoyed that there was five chapters in it dedicated to each of the Dionne sisters. It made me really feel for them and understand what each and every one of them had to go through. One chapter is also about the "other" Dionnes. The quints siblings and their parents. Very interesting indeed, since there hasn't been much published about them before.

The books is filled with so much info - and A LOT that I never knew before! This is a true must-have for anyone interested in the Dionnes! There are also many pictures in it that I had never seen before.

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