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Sparing the rod in the Dionne nursery

As is usual in children, who may fight one minute and give each other treasured toys the next, quin squabbles are quickly forgotten. You see Cecile being welcomed back to the family circle by Emilie, who is handing up a doll as a peace offering. To Emilie's left are Marie, Annette and Yvonne, in the order named. "Discipline", says Dr. A. R. Dafoe, "must be firm and consistent. It doesn't do to punish an infraction one day and wink at it the next. But punishments must not be severe and they must not employ fear or threats that you cannot, or do not, carry out. You can punish a child by simply depriving him of the thing that he likes most. But be sure that he deserves punishment - do not, when you don't know what you are doing, punish him unjustly, and don't punish him until he understands why he is being punished."

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