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Look at them now! And a year ago their chances of life were a million to one against.

Yvonne - Believed the first born of the five, she has held the weight title most of the time. Vain, coquettish, she is nevertheless a heavy eater.

Annette - Produced the first tooth. Punched Yvonne in the nose when eight days old and became consistent challenger for weight title. Favors a rattle.

Cecile - Good-natured and lazy, she waited until each sister had a tooth before producing her first. She was last to recover from the spring colds.

Emilie - Sweet-tempered but a mischief-maker. She was delicate for a long time. Normally healthy now, she has a fine appetite and is a great sleeper.

Marie - Smallest of the "quints" and the nurses' favorite. Quiet with a lovely smile, she has the only birthmark among the sisters, a tumor, now harmless.

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