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Quins show off new winter costumes for "sweethearts"

Armistace Day could be St. Valentine's day to the Dionne quintuplets of Callander, Ont. The world's most famous children have their first "crushes": they're That Way about soldiers, members of Canadian units engaged in training maneuvers near Callander who have been in the daily visitor's line at the Nursery. Their hearts won by the soldiers, the Quins insisted on meeting some of them colseup, and when the request was granted, they carefully dressed in their best for the occassion. The new Winter coats worn by the children were designed especilly for them by Hugo Rudinger. They are of Tamarack green forstmann wool with detachable parkas, and are lined with Royal Mounted Scarlet wool. Matching leggings are added to ensemble for zero days. Trying on gas masks was the idea of the Quins, not of Privates Neilson and Gourlais, their visitors. Emilie has the mask on, while Yvonne waits at right for her turn.

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