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Dafoe resigns; Quints go back to daddy Dionne

Agreement by Dr. Allan Roy Dafoe to resign as guardian of the Dionne quintuplets ends a series of controversies between the doctor and the Dionnes over control of the quints. Oliva Dionne had sued the physician, twice over income received through advertising contracts, and once chargin ridicule. The quints' father had long protested the separation of the five girls from the rest of the Dionne family. Dr. Dafoe, shown above with Yvonne, Annette, Marie, Cecile and Emilie, has cared for the quints since the day he brought them into the world and will continue as their personal physician. The agreement signed by Dr. Dafoe and Mr. Dionne, wipes out the pending legal actions. It recommends erection of a house in which the children can live with the rest of the family.

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