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Brave Marie

In May, Marie, who was the tiniest of the Quints at birth (one lb.), walked courageously out of the nursery into her father's car, as shown above, to begin a dramatic trip. It was suspected that a muscular atrophy in her left leg (nearest camera) might be progressive, meaning that she was doomed to become a cripple for life.

The atrophy followed X-ray treatment of a tumor in infancy and resulted in a slight withering of the limb. In Toronto famed specialists made exhaustive examinations and tests over the fearful Marie, and concluded that the condition was not progressive, and that unless something unexpected happened, she would not become a cripple. Marie did, however, have one defect not shared by her sisters - an astigmatic condition in one eye.

Same month as Marie was hospitalized in Toronto, her sister Yvonne had to be taken to North Bay hospital for treatment of an infected ear. Later sister Annette stumbled on a stair, broke a front tooth which cannot be permanently repaired until she is past 16 years old. Meanwhile, it will have a temporary cap.

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