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This is the most extensive website Gallery online about multiples.

Please note: If you happen to come across any magazines, photos or newspaper articles about multiples and are willing to part with them, please contact me as I would probably be interested in purchasing them from you to extend my collection and to share in my digital project here.

Everything in the Gallery is from my own private collection.

Here is a list of the multiples you will find pictures of so far:

Anderson Quintuplets
Baer Quintuplets
Diligenti Quintuplets
Dionne Quintuplets
Fischer Quintuplets
Hanson Quintuplets
Kienast Quintuplets
Laverack Quintuplets
Lawson Quintuplets
Nijssen Quintuplets
Ortiz Quintuplets
Pavlenko Quintuplets
Pisner Quintuplets
Prieto Quintuplets
Rohrer Quintuplets
Rychert Quintuplets
Shaf Quintuplets
Steingrube Quintuplets
Yamashita Quintuplets

Badgett Quadruplets
Brecker Quadruplets
Cirminello Quadruplets
Coles Quadruplets
Collins Quadruplets
Cutaiar Quadruplets
Englehart Quadruplets
Fennell Quadruplets
Feyre Quadruplets
Fultz Quadruplets
Good Quadruplets
Hargreaves Quadruplets
Harris Quadruplets
Henn Quadruplets
Hijab Quadruplets
Hoskins Quadruplets
Kaspar Quadruplets
Keys Quadruplets
Krelle Quadruplets
Lashley Quadruplets
Leal Quadruplets
Lucke Quadruplets
Miles Quadruplets
Morlok Quadruplets
Pappas Quadruplets
Perricone Quadruplets
Pinkham Quadruplets
Ponder Quadruplets
Rosebush Quadruplets
Sara Quadruplets
Seifert Quadruplets
Short Quadruplets
Wycoff Quadruplets
Zarief Quadruplets
Zavada Quadruplets

Adam Sextuplets
Coleman Sextuplets
Giannini Sextuplets
Rosenkowitz Sextuplets
Walton Sextuplets

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