Mary Ann

Mary Ann was the first born of the Fischer quintuplets. She was also the smallest and most frail at birth. She is named after her mother, Mary Ann.

Little Mary Ann was one of the two quintuplets who got to come home last from the hospital. Four days before Christmas, she and Cathy joined their family just in time for the holidays.

At six months of age, Mary Ann was described as still the smallest, but catching up. The liveliest of the five - squirming and kicking like a grasshopper. Mary Ann was believed to be the only "single" of the four quint girls, developed from her own egg while the other three girls were thought to be identical triplets. However, a year later as they had grown, Mary Ann and Margie became more alike in looks, which made everyone unsure again.

At the age of one and a half, Mary Ann (nicknamed Annie) was the most persistent. "If anyone has anything that she wants, Annie knows she isn't big enough to take it outright, but she keeps after it until she gets it."

As a young adult, Mary Ann worked for a while at a daycare center. She enjoyed playing softball (out in the field) and had an interest in photography.