Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene (nick named Maggie) was the second born of the Fischer quintuplets. She is named after her paternal grandmother. She was the heaviest of the five (but still very light of course, as a little preemie is) and described as a little wiggler.
Maggie, along with her sister Margie got to come home from the hospital in mid-December to join their brother Jimmy and the rest of the family. (Cathy and Mary Ann came home and completed the family four days later).

As she was growing and developing her own character as a toddler, Maggie was the most adventuresome and inquisitive of the five little ones. She and Cathy are believed to be identical twins, and even their father used to have trouble telling them apart as little kids.

As a young adult, Mary Magdalene took a job at a daycare center where her mom worked for a while. She had a big interest in photography and enjoyed playing softball.