James Andrew

James Andrew (nick named Jimmy) was the fourth born of the Fischer quintuplets, and the only boy of the five. He is named after the doctor who delivered him (James Berbos) and his father (Andrew). He was the first of the quintuplets to get to leave the hospital, on November 30.

As a baby he had a placid disposition, "saving his strength to grow on". He sometimes got his temper working if he was hungry or wet, or simply wasn't waited on the right way.

Jimmy as a toddler was considerably more easy-going than his quint sisters, despite being badly outnumbered. He was slower to start walking because he was so much heavier. Also, almost every time he started to step out on his own, one or two of the girls would ramble into him and he'd fall, which made him very cautious.

Later on, as a child, Jimmy loved to spend time out-of-doors. He was more standoffish with female strangers than the quint girls and a distinctly masculine little boy.

As a young adult, Jimmy was a real motorcycle enthusiast, and enjoyed playing softball with his siblings.