October 29, 2009
Wow, it certainly has been a while since the last update - more than 2 years! Time sure flies. Here's a little update for you: A new picture on the main page. Two new pictures in the Pictures -> Family photos section. Enjoy :)

September 24, 2007
Long time no seen (I know) - but here we are again with a new update :) This time, a large one! Many new pictures have been added. You will find them in some of the kids individual sections (click on each kid's framed picture below to go to their respective sections), as well as in Family photos and Scanned pictures. As you can see on the main page, the Dilley six have now started high school! Good luck to them, but I am sure they are all doing very well in school :)

July 6, 2007
Just a small update: Two edited pictures added.

May 25, 2007
It's the Dilleys' 14th Birthday today! I hope they'll have a great day! I made a birthday card for them, which you probably have seen by now in the main page. I also updated the Edited pictures section with seven edited pictures (including a birthday card) by Joanna.

April 17, 2007
Yes, another update already ;) I added the background pics from the 2007 interviews (see last update) as "original" pictures in each of the Dilleys' individual sections. Also added two pictures in the Family photos section.

April 14, 2007
Brand new interviews have been added to each Dilley's individual section. A VERY special thanks to Joanna for fixing the interviews with the Dilleys! She did a great job :) I also changed the main picture to a more recent one.

February 21, 2007
A new section of pictures has been added: Talk Shows. You will now find screenshots from their appearances on Maury Povich and Rosie O´Donnell there. Also added some more edited pictures. Enjoy!

January 12, 2007
Just added som screen caps from "The Six Pack Turns Nine" today - hope you enjoy! Also fixed it so that the individual pics at the bottom of the site are clickable. Takes you directly to their respective pages.

January 5, 2007
Welcome to a new year of fun here on the Dilley site! Today I made quite a large update of pictures again. You will find even more b/w baby pictures of the Dilleys as babies in their individual picture sections. Believe me, they are too cute to miss out on! And I also updated with a bunch of b/w baby pictures of them together in the Scanned pictures section. Also, a lot more edited pictures added =) Good job everyone!

December 30, 2006
First of all: MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone! I hope you are enjoying the holiday and that the new year of 2007 will bring you lots of happiness!
A new section has been added to the pictures called "Edited Pictures". If you have made some edited pictures of the Dilleys, feel free to e-mail them to me or send a PM on the message board, and I will add them to the section. A while ago I also added some b/w baby pictures to some of the kids' individual sections, so be sure to check those out if you already haven't.

December 6, 2006
Becki sent me some recent Christmas pictures of the kids. You will find one on the main page, one in the Family photos section, and one in each of the sextuplets' individual picture sections. Hope you like them =)

November 22, 2006
I have made caps from the Dilleys' commercials! So the site has now been updated with nearly 90 of those =) You will find them in the Pictures section. When you enter the Commercials picture pages, just click "next" at the bottom of each page to view more. Enjoy!

November 17, 2006
Happy 2nd birthday to this site =D Yes that's right - on November 15, this site had been up and running for TWO whole years! Wow how time flies! I felt that it was about time to give it a "makeover", and I hope you like the new look of it =) It took me quite some time, but it was fun! The site looks more sophisticated this way, and I must admit it turned out better than I had hoped.
I have some updates coming, but nothing new is up today since I've been working so hard on the layout. I received some cool dvds from the Dilleys that will be very useful, and I am sure you will enjoy the coming updates =) So stay tuned!

September 30, 2006
A new section of pictures has been added! It is the September 2006 Vacation section. 17 new pics in there! Enjoy!

September 7, 2006
Another neat update for you all! The Dilleys sent me a cd of videos that the kids made. I have added one to the site today! It's their 2006 summer fun video! Lots of fun clips and nice pics in it, so be sure to watch it! It's about 6 minutes in length. Almost 20Mb.
Since last time I notified of an update, I have also added some pics in the kids' individual picture sections. Hope you all enoy this :)

August 31, 2006
Awesome update for you all! I have added 15 pictures to the Family photos section (Thanks to Becki again for being so kind and sharing them with us). I am sure you will love them, so have a look! I also changed the main page picture some days ago (but you probably already noticed that) =) Other than that: The message board is very active and popular - so come and join in the fun!

August 18, 2006
A great update! The Dilleys agreed to make new interviews! All six of them answered a bunch of questions, and you will find the interviews in their respective individual pages under "The Sextuplets". There is also a new picture of Adrian in his picture section. And one new picture in the Family Photos section. Lots of more photos coming soon!

August 14, 2006
This is not a regular update, but I just thought I'd let you all know that a new messageboard has been created. The previous one was hacked and destroyed. I had some problems fixing a new one, but finally got it to work now. Feel free to join it! There is a Link to it on the Dilley start page.

July 20, 2006
Time for another update again =) I have changed the script now in Adrian, Julian and Quinn's picture sections as well. There has been 1 new individual picture of each of the sextuplets added in their respective picture sections. There is also one new picture in the Family photos section, and one new picture on the main page. BIG thanks to Becki for sharing them =) She is such a nice lady!

June 14, 2006
This update took quite a while - but it's worth it of course =) Becki sent me 5 new photos, and all of them have been added to different sections. You will find 1 new, very cool picture of the main page (as you have probably noticed), 1 pic in Ian's section, 1 in Claire's, and 1 in Brenna's. There is also 1 new pic in the Family photos section. I have changed the script in Ian's picture section, as well as started a new page in the Family photos section with the same script. I hope you all enjoy the new photos as much as I do! I am so thankful that Becki is sharing them with us all!

June 3, 2006
I've made quite a large update today. 87 screen captures have been added to the pictures section, from the Dilleys' latest special! Enjoy =)

May 22, 2006
Two brand new pictures of Brenna and Claire have been added! 1 in Benna's individual picture section, and one in Claire's. Thanks to Becki and the girls for those two pics! The script of the pictures has also been changed in their sections, since I think it looks better this way. I have also (finally) created a new Guestbook. Hopefully spammers will leave this one alone.

May 7, 2006
I am terribly sorry for the lack of updates! I have made one today though... it's a small one but an update none the less. I have added one picture of each of the kids in the "Sextuplets" section, in their idnividual picture pages. I promise to try and make another update again soon. I am also going to create a new guestbook, since the current one seems to get more and more spam every day. The more I delete, the more I get it seems.

December 8, 2005
I just noticed today that I had forgotten to add one very neat article to the site! So I've fixed that now. And also scanned in three more pictures, which you will find in the Scanned Pictures section.

November 13, 2005
I have a great new update for you all! Becki has received word from the producer of the next Dilley sextuplets special that the program will air on December 8th as well as Christmas Day on the Discovery Health Channel. So be sure to mark that day in your calendars =) She also sent me a beautiful new fall picture of the kids (it's on the main page if you haven't seen it yet). It's the most recent picture, and it was taken last week! I also sent the family some new questions to answer which they have already replied to, and you will find those on the main page in "Read some questions asked by their fans". I have also scanned in some pictures (8) from a 1995 Reader's Digest magazine and added them to the Scanned pictures section. Enjoy =)

October 26, 2005
Two more articles have been added again. One from the Meijer's baby club (Thanks to Becki for scanning), and one from TV Guide.

October 13, 2005
I've added two articles written by Becki for the Meijer Baby Club magazine. You will find them in the Articles section. Thanks to Becki for scanning them in and sharing them with us! I have also added 4 more pictures in the Scanned pictures section.

September 7, 2005
I've added the Creative Knitting article from 2004 in the Articles section by request. I also added 5 pics in the Scans section. The Dilleys were such cute little babies, so be sure to check those out! Enjoy until next time =)

August 10, 2005
Sorry for the lack of updates! It's summer, and I've been pretty busy. But here comes another update - finally! Two articles have been added to the Articles section (One article from 1998 and one from 2005). I've also added 10 pictures to the "Scanned Pictures" section. Enjoy!

May 25, 2005
First of all, I would like to wish the Dilleys a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! They turned 12 years old today! I hope they have had a wonderful day, and may all their wishes come true! I made a rather large update today!. There are 7 new pictures in the "Family Photos" section (6 individual pictures from the kids' first communion and one picture of them celebrating their very first birthday). There is a 14-page article from 1993 in the "Articles" section, Thanks to Becki for scanning it in so we all can read it! I also made a couple of more graphics; one in Brenna's picture section, and one in Claire´s. (There is also a birthday graphic on the main page). I have started to work on individual videos of each of the kids, and you will now find Adrian´s in the Video section. Sorry the quality isn't the greatest, but I want everyone to be able to download it, including those on dial-up... so that's why I had to make the quality lower. It's about 10Mb now instead of 30.

April 30, 2005
A small little update of 3 graphics this time! You will find one graphic each of Adrian, Julian and Ian in their own picture sections. Just click on "The Sextuplets" to get there.

April 22, 2005
Another update with some nice Questions and Answers again! Check them out on the main page!
Please don't feel sorry if Your question hasn't been replied to yet, because it probably will be eventually. I only send the Dilleys a few questions at a time, so please keep that in mind.
I have also added two cute pictures in the "Scanned Pictures" section.

April 2, 2005
I have forwarded 4 questions to the Dilleys so far, and they have sent back some really great replies! You will find a link to their answers on the main page, as well as the link through which you can send in a question of your own. In the family photos section you will find some very nice new pictures again! Their 4th grade school pictures have been added, and an adorable picture of them at age six!

March 28, 2005
Hey, and thank you for stopping by! I have finally updated this site again (It's been a while, I know). You will find some really nice pictures in the "Family Photos" section again - The kids' 3rd grade school photos, as well as a picture of Claire with one of the family cats. There is also a new feature on the site now! The Dilley Sextuplets have been so nice and agreed to answer some questions from visitors of this site! So go ahead and send some in =)

March 10, 2005
More pictures! I've added the kids' 2nd grade school pictures as well as 1 picture of Julian with Bonny Lynn and 1 picture of Adrian with Ginny. You will find those in the Family Photos section. Thank you so much to the Dilley family for being so nice and sharing pictures! I have also made a little blend, which you will find if you go to Julian´s section and look at his pictures there. Thanks for stopping by =)

February 27, 2005
To see some more really nice pictures, go to the Family Pictures section! I have added the sextuplets´1st grade pictures there today. I have also added one more picture in the Scanned Pictures section. In the Articles section, you will find one more article! Enjoy =)

February 21, 2005
Great update again: The Kindergarten pictures have been added to the "Family Picture" as well as a picture of Ian with his cat Aslan. Today I have managed to create a Message Board! Please come and join it to discuss about the Dilleys as well as other multiples =) Click Here. Hope to see You there!

February 14, 2005
Becki has sent me some great pictures to add on the site! I am sure you are going to love them as much as I do! Head over to the Family Photos in the Pictures section to see 6 individual, adorable preschool pictures of the sextuplets! There are also some very recent pictures of Claire, Ian and Brenna added in the same section. More awesome pictures coming up soon!

February 12, 2005
I discovered a cool program to edit videos yesterday, so I have been a little creative! I made a little Dilley video for everyone to download in the Videos section. I hope you like it =)

February 10, 2005
Well, it's been a while now... sorry about that! Today I have added one article from 1993 in the Articles section.

January 28, 2005
Big update! I've added the rest of the interviews; Claire Adrian and Ian. You will find those in The Sextuplets section. The rest of the screen caps from "The Six Pack Talks Back" have been added (36). Enjoy until next time =)

January 24, 2005
Another interview is up! This time - Quinn´s. I've also added another video. And 13 pictures in the "Six PAck Talks Back" section of the Pictures.

January 23, 2005
Great news! I have been able to ask each and every one of the Sextuplets some general questions - sort of like an online-interview. They have all replied, and I am in the progress of putting all the Q&A´s on this site and re-organizing "The Sextuplets" section. 2 of the interviews are up so far, and you will find those in Julian and Brenna´s sections. It takes a lot of time, but I am planning to be done with the rest of them within a week. I would also like to thank everyone for their encouraging words in the guestbook! It always makes me happy when my work is appreciated!

January 17, 2005
4 pictures added in the Scanned Pictures section. 1 clip added in the Videos section. =)

January 13, 2005
If you haven't checked the site out for some days - there are quite a few more screen shots from "The Sixpack Talks Back" in the Pictures section. I've also uploaded the first video clip in the Videos section.

January 9, 2005
Some more Family Photos are up! You will love them - I'm sure =) And I've also begun to add screen shots from another Dilley special called Baby Oh Baby; The Six Pack Talks Back! Enjoy =)

January 5, 2005
Well - I've been busy again =) A lot of you have requested to read more about the Dilley Discipline Ladder. I am happy to announce that you can do so now! You'll find the Ladder, as well as the Ticket System in the 'Parents' section. I have also added the first article to the articles section. It's really cute, so you better check it out! I have also added a new category in the Pictures section. You will find 2 nice pictures of the sextuplets there so far! Some other minor changes have been made as well, such as the java script windows in the Stories section. It looks a lot better now IMO.

January 4, 2005
I've been busy updating lately =) Now there is some info up on the Parents in that section. I have added the rest of the screen shots from "Baby Oh Baby The Six Pack is Back" (there's plenty!). Also 4 recent pictures in the Scanned Pictures section. I am also working on 2 new sections; Articles and Videos. So there is a lot of things to look forwards to in the near future =) I also have some very special pictures to add. Those will be up soon!

December 28, 2004
I've just recieved some more ABC Dilley specials from a new friend of mine! Thank you so much, Meagan! Visit her site about the McCaughey Septuplets by clicking here
This means I now have some more things to add to this site - I am so happy =) I've started to make some more screen shots of the first special; "Baby Oh Baby - the Sixpack is Back!" Check them out in the Pictures section. There is lots and lots of more things to come!

December 20, 2004
I have updated with one cute picture of them each in "the Sextuplets" section. I've also added 3 new stories, which you will find in the "Stories" section of course!

December 12, 2004
The Sextuplets section has been updated. 2 new picturess of each and every one of them =) (That equals 12 pics in total). 1 baby picture and 1 recent picture. Take a look =)

December 7, 2004
I've added the rest of the video caps (18) in the Dilley Documentary section. 2 tidbits have also been added in the Stories section.

December 6, 2004
A new section - Stories - is up! So far there is only one tidbit there, but I will add more soon.

December 5, 2004
There is info on all 6 of the sextuplets up in "The Sextuplets" section now! That means I have now updated with Adrian, Ian and Claire's sections. Of course there is a couple of pictures of each of them as well!

December 1, 2004
One very recent picture added in the Scans section, as well as 2 older pictures. I've also added some info on Quinn, and finished Brenna's info in "The Sextuplets" section. Along with that, there is 2 pictures of them each. I'll also have to add that I Love hearing from everyone who has signed the Guestbook! It really means a lot to me that you appreciate my site =) It encourages me to keep on updating frequently. Thank you!

November 30, 2004
I got a new magazine today featuring the sextuplets! I've added one picture of each of them in The Sextuplets section. They sure have grown to become six very pretty/handsome pre-teens! (They are 11 years old now).

November 28, 2004
There are some more pictures added in both the scans and documentray sections. I am also working on the "The Sextuplets" section. So far there is a little info on 2 of the sxtuplets. There is more to come there as well as in the other sections of course!

November 19, 2004
I've added nine more pictures to the documentary, as well as one more scanned picture.

November 17, 2004
Six new pictures from the documentary added. There is also a new category in the Pictures section called 'Scans'. I've added one picture there today. I have also created a Guestbook for this site. I'd be very happy if You would sign it =) Check back soon for more!

November 15, 2004
The site is finally up and working. It is still far from complete, but this is a good start! I've added a few pictures from a docimentary, and there are more on the way. I hope you will enjoy =)