Becki and Keith Dilley are the proud parents of Brenna, Julian, Quinn, Claire, Ian and Adrian. They started out as best friends and co-workers at a Wendy´s restaurant in Indiana. One thing led to the other, and soon they were married! Like most newly wed couples, their highest wish was to have a baby. But that was easier said than done!

After a year of trying, without result, they consulted a doctor. Becki and Keith found out that they had virtually no chance at all of ever having a baby. Despite these bad news, they never gave up hope. After five difficult years, the couple heard of a powerful fertility drug called Pergonal. They had already tried everything else, so with nothing to lose, they gave this a chance! They could hardly believe it when they found out that it had worked!

Before they knew it, they had six little bundles to care for. Their dream had finally come true! After a little while, Becki started to work part-time again as a nurse. Keith now became Mr Mom - staying home with the children for their first years. Their economy wasn't exactly blossoming, but they managed to make ends meet! After all, money isn't that important, as long as you have eachother!

The 3-5 year old Dilley ticket system

The Dilley Discipline Ladder