Julian Emerson

After Brenna came Julian. He was the 2nd Dilley sextuplet to be born. He was the last baby to leave the hospital, due to breathing problems. Julian also suffered from hernia, and had to have surgery before he was even 3 months old. Two weeks after surgery, he was finally ready to come home, and the family was finally together for the first time. Becki and Keith had longed so much for their little son while he was in the hospital. To make up for lost time, Julian was usually the one they would pick up to rock after bedtime, and the one they would dote the most.

As a little kid, Julian was the clown in the family. Always doing pratfalls for fun and roughhousing with his brothers. He was also very temperamental; throwing a tantrum one minute, only to burst out in laughter the other. He has a great sense of humor. When he was little, he used to walk around giggling for no reason.

Julian loves animals. In fact, he once said that he liked animals better than people because they always are nice to you. It's not very surprising that he wants to become a veterinarian (or a zookeeper) when he grows up. Julian favors the color yellow, and he is an avid reader. His least favorite chore to do is the laundry. He likes having so many brothers to play with, but thinks they can get annoying when he's trying to sleep at night. Julian likes to go off and do his own things, like swimming, or playing basket ball or soccer or learning to play the trumpet.