Ian Michael

Ian was the 5th sextuplet to be born. He is the loner of the bunch and is very introspective and studious. He was the last to crawl, the last to stand and the last to walk. As a baby, he was an incurable cuddle bug and preferred to sit in someone's lap if the playroom got too loud and rowdy for his taste.

Ian is very artistic. He loves to draw, listen to music and dance ballet. He dreams of becoming an Irish dancer, and would also like to dance on Broadway some day! When he was 4 years old, he wanted to marry Pocahontas, and at age 6 he had changed his mind and wanted to marry Chelsea in kindergarten.

At age 8, Ian was suffering from what at first was a mysterious ailment. He began losing weight. At first, the Dilleys thought their sensitive little boy was simply unhappy. Ultimately, he was hospitalized and doctors learned that Ian had contracted a viral infection. He was very weak, but that frail, sensitive boy has definitely bounced back!

Ian's favorite color is green. He is thinking of becoming a priest when he grows up, but would also like to have a big family. He is very creative, and journals more than the other children.