Claire Diane

Claire was born about a minute after Quinn.... the 4th sextuplet in other words. She has always been very firm on what she wants, and if someone got in her way when she was a toddler, she would scream angrily and loudly. When she is good, she's wonderful. But when she's bad, run for cover! Heaven help anyone who makes off with something of hers. When she was little, she would puruse them from one end of the playroom to the other until she got it back.

At around age 2, Claire was considered the boss and leader of the kids. She still keeps everyone in line, and is the first person Becki would put in charge. Claire is the queen of mood swings and when she is angry, she can ruin everyone's day! Claire has said that she would like to be a fashion designer or a teacher when she grows up. She feels that being one of six is great and likes always having someone to play with. The only downside is, according to her that "When somehting happens at school you never get to tell Mom first".

She is never afraid of strangers, and is a very brave girl. She is very overachieving, and excels in almost any sport. She loves to go shopping, and is very devoted to school. Claire also plays the violin.