Brenna Rose

The first born of Becki and Keith Dilley´s sextuplets was named Brenna Rose. Brenna was an only child for about 30 seconds, before her siblings would join her. Even though 30 seconds might seem like not that much of a difference, Brenna has always been the most mature, responsible and caring one of the siblings.

She was a quiet and insecure baby. Early in life, the doctors even feared that she had cerebral palsy because she cried constantly. Keith would carry her around day and night, and luckily it turned out that the doctors were wrong. She was as healthy as any other baby, just easily scared. Ever since those days, Brenna is especially close to her daddy. He can always put a smile on her face!

When Brenna was little, she said she wanted to be Snow White when she grew up. Isn't that sweet? =) Later on she decided that she actually wants to be a nurse if she doesn't make it on Broadway. At age 6. Brenna liked the Backstreet Boys and Leonardo DiCaprio. Nowadays her favorite actor is Nicholas Cage, and she enjoys listening to Broadway music. Brenna likes to sing. She likes to dance Irish River dance, and is teaming up with Ian to compete in it this spring!
Her mother describes her as compassionate and quiet, an animal lover who is very laid back. Brenna is also the only lefty of the bunch.