Adrian Reed

Adrian, the 6th one to be born, was the surprise baby! Throughout the entire pregnancy, he was not known about until birth. Everyone thought Becki was pregnant with quints. Boy were they surprised to find out that there was a sixth baby in there =) Adrian came into this world bursting with energy. He has a passion for adventures and a bouncy personality. As a baby and toddler, he was almost twice as big as little Claire. Adrian never took advantage of his size though. He was a very gentle and mellow kid. He is so easygoing that when he was born he didn't want to be weaned off the respirator. There wasn't any medical reason to assist his breathing. It was just... easier.

Adrian is the risk taker of the family. He likes to try new things! When he grows up he would like to become a fireman. He's very athletic and outgoing and has a lot of friends. He enjoys jumping on the trampoline. Adrian is an early bird, usually the first one up in the morning. He wants to do and try everything! When bedtime comes, he is usually so tired that he just crashes.

He does not like to clean up after the dog, nor in the cat's litter box. He is somewhat a troublemake both in school and at home. His favorite color is red.